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CFI Convention 2001 Pictorial with Narrative
Held at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles July 25-29, 2001

(click on images for larger views)

Laurence Chan(left picture - center), Market Development Manager of BASF in Hong Kong, sips coffee as he looks over the Associate booths on one of 2 aisles. Continental breakfast was served around the corner with another row of Associates behind that. Adding to the international mix was Allan De Wit(not pictured), Technical Support Manager for Belgotex Carpets, from South Africa.

On the right, David Hunt shows us a sample of a hand sewn carpet seam in a woven product during his seminar. Chapter Seven, Hand Sewing, of David's Woven Training Study Program was offered as a handout. Many examples of right and wrong sewing technique were passed around the room. Each participant was given needle, thread, and two pieces of cardboard to try their hand at cross, overcast, and the lock stitch. Talk about hands on - my thumb is still sore!

Howard Olansky(left) has been a champion of the installer since the flooring was installed on Noah's Ark! Currently the senior editor of Floor Covering Installer magazine, Howard has been instrumental in spearheading the movement to remove the installer from responsibility for moisture testing. Jim Walker(right) made an interesting point. He observed that the support CFI receives from manufacturers and other companies was often due to the efforts of a key person or two in that company. He went on to acknowledge several of those individuals.

In left picture above, Chris Davis(on left), CEO of the WFCA, and Jon Namba, new WFCA Director of Technical Services, had fun with their boss-employee relationship with a series of one-liners, mock kiss-ups, and pot-shots at each other during various presentations at the convention. Despite the antics, it is obvious the industry is fortunate to have their leadership skills focused on important issues.

Emcee D.J. Harrington(left in picture to right above), CEO of Phone Logic and a Certified Speaking Professional, had some fun with Lew Migliore of LGM/RBI Technical Services. I reported here on one of Lew's seminars from last year's convention. His columns in Floor Covering News, often related to carpet inspections, are great. Anyway, earlier in the day, people would start quacking like a duck anytime a speaker would start to whine about anything, no matter how innocent, just to razz them a little in good fun. But Lew had come to the show after that, so when he started to jokingly complain about the lack of preparation time, everyone started quacking. He didn't know what the heck was going on. Later, when Lew wasn't around, D.J. told us all not to let on what the quacking was all about. Hee, hee.

Emcee Terry Dollinger(left above), Installation Manager of Romanoff Flooring, leads some novices on stage in the fine art of Karaoke. Not to be outdone, Wayne Johnston(on left in picture to right above) of Pergo and CFIGUY himself, Jimmy Walker, almost shut the place down. Actually, a couple of folks demonstrated some serious singing talents and proved once again that man does not live by flooring alone.

I actually took two rolls of film, but the second was overexposed. You really had to be there anyway, so if you didn't make it this year, I highly recommend you plan attending CFI Convention 2002.

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