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Sights In and Near Beijing
Taken Sept. 10-18, 2001 during Dave's visit to China.

This year I had some fun climbing(ah - actually took the ski lift up the mountain) the Great Wall at Mutianyu, shopping in the Silk Market, and spending time in the antiques shops on Liulichang street in the last few days before leaving Beijing.

Funny story. Jeff Meltzer(Universal Hardwood) and I went to an opera in the old Zheng-Yi Temple Theatre. Before the show, we stopped at a small restaurant down a narrow street (hutong). Decided to order beer, so Jeff used his electronic translator to show the waitress what we wanted. But we got some very weird looks, like they could not believe what we wanted. Then we saw Jeff had typed in "bear"(like the animal) instead of "beer"(like the drink). I think the people in the restaurant thought the crazy Americans wanted bear(the animal) to eat! -Dave

West view from the
Beijing Radisson SAS Hotel.

Looking east, the China
International Exbibition
Center is on the left.

Taxi shot - glass buildings.

Taxi shot - wide highway.

Taxi shot - typical small
building material retailers.

Future Olympics 2008 sports
complex on mid-right.

Older commercial section
on outskirts of Beijing.

Entrance to Liulichang
street in Xuanwumen.

Road narrows and shops
get more intriguing.

This rare coin shop displayed
many interesting artifacts.

Dave barters for curio with
Ms. Li of Four Treasures.

Typical old Beijing hutong.

Bargains on designer labels
galore in the Silk Market.

Some of these hand-knotted pure
silk carpets have 600 knots per inch.

Zheng-Yi Temple Theatre.

Beautiful long flowing scarf
dance during production.

Ornate costumes displayed
during fight scene of opera.

Easy way up to the Great Wall
at Mutianyu, 90 km NE of Beijing.

Drifting fog added to the
mystical feeling of the place.

A tour group examines old cannon.

Evidence of construction
over various periods of time.

Tourists are no longer allowed
on top of defensive outposts.

Is this a cool shot or what?

Dave pauses with Rhyc
Sandberg of NetTest.

There are 2 easy ways down.
The other is a toboggan style
sled on a metal semicircular
trough that winds down the
mountain. The run is just
visible in lower left of
ski lift picture above.

The party is over folks!
Had a stopover at the Narita
International Airport near Tokyo
on the flight home. Left is a shot
from the airplane over Japan about
10 miles east of Narita.

Photos from Floor Coverings 2001 in Beijing

Photos from Hardwood Flooring Mills in Dalian

Tours and Side Streets of Beijing - Sept. 2000

Dave's pictures from the Floor Coverings 2000 in Beijing Exhibition

Dave's business card in Chinese

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