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Humboldt - China Network Development Outline


I.     Community Outreach 
A.     Media

B.     Prosperity Network

C.     Economic Development Corporations

D.     Business Groups

E.     Government Entities

F.     Educational Institutions


 II.     Organize Interested Participants 

A.    Group 1: Those interested in selling into the Chinese market
a)     Gather marketing information

b)     Formulate strategic plan

B.     Group 2: Those interested in attracting Chinese investment

a)     Identify Humboldt County resources and limitations

b)     Promotion of Foreign Trade Zone benefits to foreign firms

c)     Formulate strategic plan


III.     Develop Funding Sources to Facilitate Implementation of Strategic Plans 

A.    Asia-Pacific CEO Association invitation to Hebei Economic and Trade Fair

B.     Economic Development Corporations

C.     Headwaters Fund

D.     Grants and loans


IV.     Put Strategic Plans into Action 

A.    Timeline and goals clearly defined

B.     Monitor results

C.     Address issues

D.     Expand Humboldt - China Network


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